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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Random Thoughts

These are things that are based on my experiences in the past two days(ish).  Kindly use the comment boxes to contradict me if you wish.
Why in the world would you get a tattoo of your own name? Can you possibly forget it?

I happen to be doing my Work Experience at a law firm that specialises in Immigration cases. As a result, I have had access to the files and cases on hand and the one thing on my mind is why people leave their countries of origin to come and carry out menial jobs overseas. The more people who do that, the less potent our native countries become. Why don't those who are coming here to wash plates and become security guards invest the resources used to come here in something worthwhile at home? We need to drum it into the mindset of those at home that things are not what they seem like on TV.

The last time I did something along this line I attempted to defend Soulja Boy. I take it back. The song 'Pretty Boy Swag' is an insult to those of us who pay TV and Internet bills and have the misfortune of seeing that rubbish. Maybe a petition to outlaw him insulting our intelligence should be put in place.

Eduardo's off to Shaktar Donetsk. It's only appropriate one wishes him the best of luck in his endeavors as he finds for himself the required change in scenery that would help face the demons of Martin Taylor and Birmingham.

I'm on my way to work and I get a free newspaper at the train station. Pause. Flash back. Last year, as Next marked its transformation from a weekly to daily publication, it started by giving away free newspapers. Note that in place of the usual price on newspapers, FREE was written boldly, yet one silly vendor still tried to sell it to my Father and I. Nigerians are just too funky.

Those who follow me on Twitter know how I'm always banging on about Ignorance. It's a really bad thing. Conspiracy theorists are of the belief that some particular public figures. (No names mentioned) belong to the Illuminati and Freemasonry. First of all, one thing I've learnt in life is that we are all different people from diverse backgrounds. If they do belong to those groups, how is that your business? It's not like they are forcing you to do something you don't want to. 'Take the message and ignore the messenger'. A lot of you don't even know what the Illuminati and Freemasonry are about. The Internet can be used for research on those topics other than watching those useless videos you guys watch. I did mine and they are actually positive to a large extent (Freemasonry particularly)

Once you're successful, people would always look for a way to bring you down. Hasn't it been said that Barack Obama belongs to one of those sects? It just shows how silly we all are in letting BS like that influence us. Freemasonry and the Illuminati are not the same thing as devil worshipping. For instance, coming from the background I come from, if I was homophobic it won't be frowned upon. But with the way my style of thinking has evolved, I see that as nothing but crass ignorance. Cos people don't conform to what you want doesn't give you a right to treat them in a disrespectful manner. What you see as right is not what I would see as wrong, Respect that we are all products of our environment. Some people know no better than the things they do. Who are you to judge?

I saw the track listing for ‘Good Ass Job’ and if I tell you I’m pretty excited it’s an understatement.

The thing I dislike most about getting older is that you have to cope with death because it becomes a more significant part of our life.

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  1. Congrats on your awards, they look good up there.

    As for tattos, maybe they think if people put names of those they love, they love themselves first, lol...

  2. so u make sense all the way....i still like soulja boy sha, i think he is a smart boy, who found a way to make money, cos he knows that folks today dont care for deep lyrics anymore... i think u will see him change his lyrics as he grows older...might be wrong

  3. hahahaha! Very interesting post. You got all the right words for Soulja Boy oh. My God....he's appalling. But we should acknowledge his renowed "crank dat" step sha.
    Cindy Ihua


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