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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Nigeria at the World Cup: 11 Conclusions

I happen to be a Contributor to http://GidiNoize.com and wrote this for it's July 1st Launch so it's possible you might have seen this before. If not, Enjoy;

* It goes without saying that Vincent Enyeama was the star of the show. If not for him, we might be discussing basketball scores.

* Danny Shittu has constantly proven himself as the star of the Eagles Defence. Props to him despite the fact he didn’t kick a ball for Bolton last season.

* Chidi Odiah’s foul throw in the Argentina game says a lot. Our players don’t understand the basics of the game.

* Nigeria and 50 Cent are similar in one way. They have a thing for self destruction. But for Kaita’s red card, it was a matter of how many we would score. That act of stupidity turned the game on its head and caused our defeat and subsequent downfall.

* Sani Kaita has written his name in Nigerian folklore. His action has earned him a stake in the Nigerian slang vocabulary.

* Kalu Uche’s celebration against South Korea was the highlight of our World cup. In addition to the fact that we were the first team to score from a free kick directly.

* Yakubu has clearly proven that he has no right to be in the national team. He’s fat and can’t run. He also has this “I could be sleeping or eating chicken right now” demeanour/body language.

* Kanu showed that form is temporary and class is permanent. Soccer sense of that magnitude is a rarity today. He would be missed.

* Lars did 419 on us. He won’t even pity us and invest a miniature amount in this part of the world.

* Its sad that at the end of every competition we hold the belief that we have learnt from the mistakes and it would help us improve at the next opportunity but we end up showing we are no different from a bunch of goats who never take lessons.

* The good thing about Goodluck’s ban on the Eagles from all tournaments is that our fathers are guaranteed safe hearts for at least the next two years. It’s likely to be more than that though ‘cos FIFA have made it clear to us that political intervention would not be tolerated. Didn’t we go through this under Abacha?

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