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Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Half Term Report- Numbers 6- 3

6) Light Up: (Drake Featuring Jay Z) Thank Me Later
In today's climate songs like this are no joke. We have waited ages to see the duo on a song that wasn't 'Off That' where Drake was placed solely on the hook. The Heir to the throne and the King himself; what more could you ask for. Jay Z's verse sounds like a lesson in the 'how to stay on top of Hip Hop' class. He's basically advising Drake on the things that lie in store as he heads to the top while also handing us punch lines that had us changing our BBM and Facebook statuses. "I just run this town/ I don't do too much jogging". Notice how I don't say anything about Drake. The Jigga Man steals the show and shows why he's been on top of the game for so long.

5) My Generation. (Nas & Damian Marley Featuring Lil Wayne and Joss Stone) Distant Relatives

'Distant Relatives' is either No 1 or No 2 on my best album list for the year so far. The music is highly proactive and just makes you wanna break out and do something that would touch someone's heart. Socially conscious music from two of the leading lights on the Hip Hop and Reggae scenes. Lil Wayne drops what I think is his best verse ever as it actually makes sense without profanity of any sorts. Joss Stone's vocals also come across as highly passionate which makes the song more identifiable with. As the song says "My Generation would make a change/ This generation would make a change". And so shall it be.

4) Under G (Sauce Kid) African American
I said sometime in April in one of my video blogs 'Under G' is my tune of the year. I love the song that much. The Human Monster by the name of Don Jazzy showed once again why he's the best Producer in the land. Sauce Kid also used this tune to generate buzz for his 'African American' album and if the other songs are half of what 'Under G' is, he has a winner on his hands.

3) Aboko Ku (Zara): Thanks to my 'sister' who sent this song to me after my numerous attempts to download it failed woefully. I don't know what 'Aboko Ku' means in Yoruba. What I do know is that it’s a beautiful song that I have had on repeat for a significant part of my year. It’s a good love song with a catchy beat and chorus which also shows us Zara's multi dimensional side with her speaking in Pidgin, English, Yoruba and a Jamaican like tone.


  1. very convincingly written, love it !


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