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Friday, July 2, 2010

Half Term Report Card: #1(Drumroll)

1) Power. (Kanye West) Good Ass Job.
Which other song could it be? I'm probably biased but this song was the defining factor in influencing my belief that Hip Hop is far from being dead. Mr. West went hard on the SNL cast, documented his latest struggles post Taylor Swift (They say I was the abomination of Obama’s nation) and managed to come out looking the champion (I’m jumping out the window). The song sounds like a victory anthem as his mountain top stance at the BET awards proved. It’s typical Kanye; boastful, crazy lines (Taking my inner child/ I’m fighting for custody) (Got treasures in my mind/ Couldn’t open up my own vaults) and it’s also sampled. The sample is a winner though and does not have the boring effect some of his previous samples have had. 'Good Ass Job' for album of the year. This particular song was one of the highlights of my year music wise as it marked the return of the closest thing I have to an idol. Apparently, I'm a Kanye stan.

Sidebar: Drake was offered the beat but he wasn’t really keen.

Also, if ‘Live Fast, Die Young’ came out earlier it would have made this list easily. In my opinion, Rick Ross’s progression as an artiste is pretty remarkable. His wordplay and lyrical prowess is much more on point and he’s definitely a shoo-in if a list of the Hottest MC’s in the game was to be compiled today. Not to forget that ‘Ye’s clearly proven himself as one who never disappoints on features.


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