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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Be Careful

I pride myself as being extremely careful on those whom I call friends. How many of them would reach the lengths and heights you go for them? Thus, the number of 'true' friends I have are rather limited. As a result, when I'm around this people I tend to let my guard down. I think I'm entitled to have fun whilst with my friends without looking over my shoulder every five minutes.

As a result, one particular friend of mine 'Iye' tends to take my phone and tell the world how amazing she is. Being the perfectionist she is, she does it on multiple fronts. Those fronts include my Blackberry Messenger profile, Facebook and Twitter accounts. She does this on a regular basis and I must admit it’s really silly on my side that it hasn't made me more vigilant. Honestly, I just can't be asked. However, my father being the hip Dad that he is happens to be on my Facebook and Blackberry Lists, so he gets to see these things. He then takes it upon himself to spread false rumours about me to my mother. After finding out what Daddy did, I told him I was angry with him. His reply was "You posted hot gist for the world. It's breaking news which was ready to be shared. Lesson: don't leave your media organs unsecured. Lol".

Most people don't realize the power of the internet. Once something hits Facebook, even if you delete it, it still lies on their database. It could bounce back in the future. Don't let anyone make any racist or careless remarks on your Social Networking accounts.

To the female readers, you and I know what you do with your Skype. Some of you like to dance nude (the concept of it doesnt even make sense) and send topless pictures to members of the man folk (We like it, so please don't stop after reading this). Hope you realize that picture is on someone's phone, iPod, computer and hard drive and God help you if the wrong person should see it. You won't be the first and you probably won't be the last whose private life would be up for public consumption. Ask Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian what it did for them. Their statuses rose rapidly overnight. But then again, our cultural settings are significantly different so it won't be seen in the same light. Don't be surprised if Mummy and Daddy invite you home for a 'scholarship' exam. Thinking that the exam would be of help to the parents you would give it your best shot and probably do well. You would then be woken up to start school at an institution you never even knew existed. (This actually happened to an acquaintance who wasn't smart enough to read the question paper well).

And if you're one of those people who takes pride in their nakedness and intend to have it on your computer screen. Imagine this; your computer crashes, you send it in for repairs and the repair man retrieves those pictures and keeps some to serve his own purposes. He then threatens to release them unless you pay a ridiculous ransom. Watching Gossip Girl has taught me that even if he does surrender them, he could always have back-up copies somewhere.

Consider the number of celebrities who have had pictures from their vulnerable past released. These things always pop up when you're achieving success. As Kanye West said "Anytime a (insert n word) start sitting on pay stacks/ things start coming from way, way back". As my Dad advised me, I advise you "Be careful with your media organs".

Best Wishes,
Mr I.
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  1. 'You and I know what you do with your skype' Lol it isn't every girl :P. Nice write-up!

  2. lmao! Mayowa this post just made my night. People really shud stop being ignorant towards this global storage space i.e the world wide web. Great work passing across this info!
    Cindy Ihua

  3. Thanks for this :)...Ps Im not one of those who have naked pictures...lol


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