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Friday, June 4, 2010

You're the one!

Every girl needs that one outfit. That one outfit

...That doesn’t let you wander too far from any reflective surface.

...That doesn’t require accessories, shoes or bag to make you stand out.

...That even when you’ve looked at yourself for the 100th time, you still need to sneak one last peek.

...That makes your boyfriend worry about letting you out of his sight, not even for a nanosecond.

...That makes other girls self-conscious yet say how much they like your shape.

...That makes you suffer without a jacket for fear of concealing its beauty.

...That boosts your self-esteem.

...That makes you feel taller, more feminine, sexier, smarter, more classy.

...That you take off with a sigh.

...That makes you curl into bed at night with a huge smile on your face.

...That you stare out longingly hoping for an occasion worthy enough for you to bust it out.

If you do not trust me on anything else in the whole world...trust me on this one. It's a must!

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