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Friday, June 18, 2010

Next to Blow #3: Adey

Remember the name. Adey is that guy whose songs are going to be rocking the clubs and stereos sometime in the immediate future. I had the privilege of catching up with him recently. Find below excerpts of our conversation;

Okay.... Let me introduce myself. I'm Mayowa. A Levels Student. Fan of good music. In my spare time, Blogger. First question; who is Adey?

Cool stuff. Adey is my alter ego. Adey is me on stage. Adey is me in the studio. Adey is a 21 year old songwriter, producer and performer. Adey is also a computer science major.

Being a student, does your music affect your education? Are you more interested in gaining an education and making use of it or you see it as a back up plan?

Well, I was at University of Maryland studying Engineering but I found it too demanding and I'm not ashamed to admit that. I have taken a year out of school to focus and rediscover the things I’m passionate about, one of which is music. I studied music technology for A-levels but I plan on doing a course to fine tune the production aspect of my music in the near future

Noted. That is pretty commendable. The thought that there are people still interested in making proper music and not just the crap that's becoming more common. What's your take on the present state of affairs on the Nigerian scene and Hip Hop generally?

There's a lot of room for growth in this industry, I'm new to this 'scene' but I can see that already. Basically, Nigerians love to dance. What sells a good song? A catchy hook and an awesome instrumental. It’s the start of bigger things to come. A lot of guys come back from America and England and throw lyrics and catch phrases down people’s throats. Unfortunately, that can only get you so far.

I agree with your success recipe. I also noticed that it’s what you used on the three songs I have heard. 'Eye me', 'Control', 'Its You' which features Shank. What's the story behind that song? How has the public perception concerning the music been? Have there been major radio spins?

Well I was originally working for Storm Records, and ‘Eye Me’ was supposed to be my first single with them. I went to Bobby Boulders (Tola Odunsi, Video Director and Director with Storm) to look for work, and he then introduced me to Del B who I have worked with on all my songs. It wasn't in my best interest to stay with Storm so I left and continued to work with Del B churning out songs.
The song with Shank was something that Shank, Del B and I put together in a matter of minutes. Shank is a very talented and experienced artist so I was able to learn a couple of tricks from him. Each of us had a similar idea for what we wanted with the beat so we put it together and 'It’s You' was created. O yeah! I did hear ‘Control’ on radio once. Laughs. I'm working on getting a manager to help me distribute my songs to the stations, once that is finalized you'll hear more of me on the radio.

Cool stuff. As an artiste, who do you look up to and who/what are your inspirations???

Well, my first inspiration is my mother. She has always inspired me and encouraged me to keep going no matter what. One of her favourite sayings is “Whatever you want to do, don't be afraid to do it out of fear of failure”.
It makes a lot of sense to me so that's what I use as my inspiration. I also want to pay for my University education myself so that as well keeps me going. Now, in terms of artists who inspire me, I really like Eminem. His delivery is weird but his content is unique. I actually listened to his album at a very early age and that was the moment I fell in love with hip hop and rap music

There's something about mothers in Hip Hop. People like Kanye West, Bow Wow and Usher have alluded to the roles of their mothers in their musical success. Have you ever done a 'Hey Mama' or do you plan on doing one sometime in the future?

Laughs. I plan on doing something very special for my mother. But I would prefer to keep that private.

I can understand that you would not want to be likened to any one. From listening to you, there's really no one I would compare you to? What parallels have been drawn?

I want to be different. I hate conformity. That's my goal; to be different

Amongst the present crop of student entertainers we have, who are the people that impress you?

Definitely watch out for my young son, 3feat, Fresh L and Tosyn. 3feat and Fresh L are going to feature on the highly anticipated 'Control' remix

Hmmmn!!! That's heavy. I must admit Fresh L really impresses me. Especially on the more recent stuff. The 'Over and 'Hello Good Morning' remixes .... 3 Feat is also someone I rate highly. Their Raw 32 feature ranks high on my list.

Yea they are definitely on my high list too

Apart from the 'Control' Remix, what else can we expect? A mix tape or album? What projects are you working on? What are your aims?

A whole album is in the works. Featuring 10 tracks and 3 self produced bonus instrumental tracks. Well my aim is get my music out there for everyone to enjoy basically. That's it.

Okay. It’s been a pleasure talking to you. Best wishes and when you DO make it big, Remember us.
Laughs. I will. Thanks for the support

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