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Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Letter To The Class of 2010

Dear Class of 2010,

It’s that time of the year when a group of people mark their transition from children to adults and bonafide members of the real world. It’s that time where you thank the Almighty for those miserable six years working towards that one day that just went by. Class of 2010, Congratulations. Welcome to the real world.

In my case, on the day I graduated my thoughts were "so this is what the hype is all about". Till this day, I feel like that Graduation p is highly exaggerated but I don't want to take away the merit form your achievement so I would shut it. Warning; Things are about to get harder. For those of you who are leaving Nigeria your perception of the state of affairs in the overseas is slightly misconstrued. Things aren’t as easy as they seem. It’s a lot more likely that even if you don’t miss Corona (I don’t miss the place, but I miss the people in it) you would find yourself missing those people you regarded as your worst enemies.

It's highly likely that it's the last time you would see some people. I know the number of people I haven't seen since I left those walls and the figures are incomparable with those I have seen. I remember Chuks telling me “You know this is the last time all of us can ever be gathered in the same place at the same time. No matter how long we plan a re union it can never be complete.” With Ebuka’s journey to the great beyond it’s proved to be true in less than 12 months. People would go in different directions. At least, technology has made that task relatively easy. Bless Mark Zuckerberg and those behind Skype and Twitter.

One of the things Ebuka's demise taught me is that life is short. If you have a grouse with anyone, end it now. If the worst happens, you are guaranteed beautiful bliss without harbouring any malice whatsoever. Also, all those who touched your lives during your tenure in Corona, let them know. You're guaranteed also that should the worst happen, that person knew how you felt about them which is one of my greatest regrets in Ebuka's case. As pessimistic as it sounds "Hope for the best while expecting the worst".

Welcome to the real world. Enjoy the time you have till your next journey begins. It’s probably the most time you would have to faff about till your next journey begins. Those of you going to do A Levels, not to frighten you but it’s a whole new level. Things are on a different pedestal here. And all those tricks you play with WAEC and Corona teachers; Impossicant.

I'm happy for you. Why? Cos I know what Corona is and was and I wouldn't wish my worst enemy a tenure in that prison. Freedom finally. No more Aunty Betty and Samuel pulling toilet stance over Gala and Noreos. Also, the days of seniority are over. You can’t tell a junior to kneel down any more.

Welcome to the real world. In the words of Tai Solarin “May your road be rough”. The tougher things are the stronger and better you get as you go through adversity. Also, remember that because something is difficult doesn’t make it impossible. It just means you got to work harder. When life gives you agbalumo, make agbalumo juice out of it. Finally, “Don’t be scared to fail in the search of perfection. Enough of the sermon, make sure you have a lot of fun.

Best Wishes,

Mr. Idowu

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