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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Just A Little Errant Thought

Anyone who has the extreme pleasure to watch a premier league match with me will know how much I loathe Didier Drogba. Before anyone decides to bite my head off (because I know for certain there are some HUGE Drogba fans around me) this is not about my intense hatred for Drogba, this is about how the human mind works; I'm just using Drogba as an example.

So, as I was saying, I hate Drogba...or at least I thought so. As a devoted Manchester United fan it was my duty to detest the guy who scored an offside goal (do NOT argue it with me) and helped destroy our chances of winning the premier league four times in a row. Besides his hair is horrible. The new obsession with the World Cup has changed my mind though. All the songs about a United Africa has finally gotten to me. To my horror, I found myself smiling fondly at Drogba. Imagine my shock! I am someone who even while supporting Chelsea where I cannot support Manchester United, I would pray for Drogba's downfall. Suddenly even his hair is not looking that bad (still sick but not as horrible as the oily old rats nest I compared it to before).

So how exactly does the human mind work? Is this how propaganda works? Is this how human beings are made by others to perpetrate horrible crimes or believe something that is otherwise? I never believed that with constant subtle exposure one could drastically change another person's mind on a matter. Now that I've seen it work so effectively on me (trust me, I really did loathe Drogba), I worry about all the other things I have been exposed to; all the things that kids all over the world are exposed to. It's amazing though...fickle is the human mind. Might as well enjoy my new found love of Drogba while it lasts.


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