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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Half Term Report: Numbers 10 - 7

Thanks to God. We have reached the half point of the year and this is my Half Term Report music wise. These are my top 10 songs released between January and June.

10)Mr. Endowed( D Banj)
Those of you who have the privilege of following me on Twitter will know what I think of Don Jazzy. The guy isn't human. If I didn't have the pleasure of observing the hype surrounding it before it came out, it would be much higher on the list. As a result, my expectations were significantly higher. That doesn't take anything away from the song. Typical D' Banj. Catchy beat resplendent with his evolving lexis. 'Endowed', 'toh bad' and 'ose' being the latest ones.

Photo Credit: 'Kayode Adegbola (http://kayodeadegbola.shutterchance.com/)

9) Billionaire (Travis Mc Coy Featuring Bruno Mars) Lazarus.
"I wanna be a billionaire so effing bad, buy all of the things I never had. I wanna be on the cover of Forbes. Smiling next to Oprah and the Queen. Every time I close my eyes, I see my name in shining lights.. The world better prepare for when I'm a billionaire"... Anytime you're feeling down, play this song and I promise it would inspire you. It's a feel good tune and documents the feelings of wanting to get rich we all face at some stage of our life.

8) Nothing On You (B.o.B Featuring Bruno Mars) Adventures of Bobby Ray
If you don't know how I feel about B.o.B you are definitely living under a rock. I heard this song as far back as the end of February/ beginning of March on B.o.B's 'May 25th' mixtape. It's a song that would strike a chord with those people suffering from the "I have found the one" delusions. Bruno Mars cements himself as a viable alternative to the likes of T Pain and Akon for that sung chorus. Don't be surprised if it wins the Grammy for 'Best Rap/Song Collaboration'.
Sidebar: This song was intended for Lupe Fiasco.

7) Waving Flag (K’ Naan)
It is great to see Africans achieving things on the world stage. This song is really inspiring and shows that socially conscious lyrics are still in reckoning. It's one of those songs that you would hear in the slums of Rio Da Janeiro and the shops in New York. The global appeal is that significant. Also the African drums are worthy of note. Imagine being at the World Cup finals and hearing it as the winners are handed the trophy. Highly powerful experience.

Photo Credit: 'Kayode Adegbola (http://kayodeadegbola.shutterchance.com)

Number 7 downwards shall be up tomorrow. Look forward to it.


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