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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

After a period filled with lots of distractions, side attractions and frivolties,
He's finally studying,
Working and Toiling,
Struggling and starving,
Putting all his effort in,
Slowly and steadily
The book's contents are trickling in
He's feeling more confident on facing the journey ahead
As if saying "Thou shall make no progress today"
His head starts throbbing
It's the dreaded headache once again
Putting his study session in jeopardy
The clock is ticking
The sun is setting
The exam is getting nearer
He is getting tense and 'ascared'.
Wondering how he would achieve this miracle within the limited time at his disposal.

Please note: 'Ascared' refers to a word I formed taken from the words afraid and scared which could be seen as a synonym for the word fear.
I feel the poem has an abrupt end but I really was at a loss on how to end it. I'm trying to get into my Poetry so kindly understand that this are the early stages and that as I continue I would get better so please have that in mind as you criticise.

This documents the feelings I felt yesternight as I prepared for my Sociology and Literature examinations. I want to do very well but this stubborn headache refused to let me study to my full capability. Thinking that I just cut off the highly ridiculed tree that I addressed as my afro, my frustration levels have been at a maximum. I really don't have much else to say other than that I gave the exams my best shot. Hopefully, I shall not be disappointed.... I'm Back. Thanks for bearing the semi hiatus inflicted on me by the Exams.

Wonder's Eyes.

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