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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Tribute To Ebuka By Ore Akande

For such a wonderful individual, it saddens me to hear that you have passed to the other side.
As a person who shared stories and laughs with you, I greatly admired your talent as well as the wisdom you gave during times of need. In our younger days I remember you loved cartoons and used your talent for art to illustrate that. you also had wise words, with a kind heart to follow. It truly pains me to accept that you are truly gone, as I considered it a privilege and an honour to have known you. From Pokémon to the countless cartoons we spoke about, you were still cool. a gentle soul and a kind heart.
You always had my respect not just for talent, but as a human being. You’ll continue to live my memory, as well as the memories of others who knew you.
Rest in peace Old friend.


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