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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Thank You. Thank You, You're Far Too Kind

Being the son of my Parents, I have been told on numerous occasions to be grateful for the things I have whilst remembering that things could be much worse. It is on this note I thank you for all the support shown over the past twelve months as this blog celebrates it's first birthday. Like a baby going through its infancy stage we have gradually learnt new things which have helped us mature and become better human beings in the process. Gradually this blog has transformed from a one then two and presently three man show(More people being sought) which highlight our commitment towards keeping you interested. From Politics, Sports, Girls, Criticism, Fashion, Music, Kanye West and in some cases the most random of stuff which populate this blog you have constantly heard what we have to say.

Words cannot describe how grateful we are. Your support has been pretty immense and we are extremely grateful. From nil followers to the present twenty something and those people who keep coming but have no idea the follow tab even exists we are very grateful for the love, support and even criticism which has helped stimulate intense mental activity. The point of having this medium is to serve as a form of self expression whilst stimulating a form of change in people's lives which lead me to believe that by his Grace and your support we have done a remarkable job.

Thanks to my partners for joining me on this journey. Thanks to the first ever follower Kayode Adegbola who encouraged me to start a blog in the first place and helped introduce me to what has become a hobby. Thanks to Bisola Bamkole, who was also one of the first followers and a key believer in me, my darling big sister (She knows herself. Words can't express how I feel about you. You're extraordinary), Leye (He shows his parents my stuff), Subomi (who makes a lot of noise on how I'm the best writer she knows), the Sunmonu Sisters (who are always punctual in their attendance of The Mayowa Idowu Rants Session), Ayotunde(My Baby sister and Publicist), Amaka O (For always giving her honest opinion), Sidney (for making my head swell on numerous occasions), Tiese (ditto for Sidney) Sidebar; How Come it's the two of you???. IKid o. Cindy (for always commenting; they've been scarce lately though), Munachi (For always feeling funny with himself by saying silly things), Kanyinsola (For sending in some things that have made you laugh), Toba, Solape, Ronami, Ijeoma, Modupe, Toyin Tomato, Timara, Demeyin, Her Royal Clowness (she knows herself o) and My Cyber Stalker(you know yourself) who have always had good things to say. Thanks also to Eyitemi Adeniyi and my big Cousin T whose conversations with me have helped inspire two of what I regard as my best write ups. Thanks to my Dad for always critiquing the things I write and being one of the major influences on my writing style. Thanks to Patrick Mayaki for always being constructive in his criticism and giving areas for improvement. Although he once asked me to submit myself for psychological evaluation. Thanks also to Edi Adegbola and Linda Ikeji for giving my blog a co sign despite me not knowing them. Thank you to all those newspapers who keep disappointing me, you guys make me go harder. Thank you to all the other silent observers who have made my head swell on numerous occasions. I promise to keep my feet on the ground and continue doing what I do. If I didn't mention your name, please don't take offence but kindly remember Exams are around the corner so my thought process is not as detailed as it would be on that topic. And thank you to those people who honestly tell me they don't like reading long articles (Kanayochukwu). I try to make them shorter now. Here's one to you and another to great times awaiting us as we proceed on our march to greatness.

With all our thanks,
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Mayo I
OluwaMayowa (In my mind I have split personality)


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