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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Something To Make You Laugh

Funny pick up lines
1. Man: Hey shortiee let me holla at you....
Girl: erm...ok
Man: You see this store we are in?..I am the owner...Just go over there and ask the security guard about me.....
Girl: You do know..we are in Argos right?

2. kmt!! You thief!!! you stole my heart with your dazzling smile... I will now sentence you to maximum security in my heart for life!!!

3.The famous " I think ive seen u somewhere b4"

4. I Know your mum, I have seen hahh in church. so i thought I wud say hello to you....

5. Are you a parking ticket? (What?) You got fine written all over you.

6. 'you are the jam in my doughnut'

7. baby princess if your left leg was christmas and your right
leg was easter...could i spend some time between the
holidays !

8.you are so hot! im sure if i was to put bread on you it would become instant toast!

9.sweetart...where ave I see you before? As in the way Im lookin at you now u are doin me somehow...

10. Hay Fyne Girl - Hay U .. Yes you .. Its not easy to b fyne like this oo .. my name is ____(put any african name) .. whats urs? ... let me just call you beauty ..

11. Helloo beautiful have you got african in you... "no" would you like some in you? looool

12.omo, ure too fine...can u just impregnate my fone with ur numba!!

13.Sweery will you be the only mosquito in my net


15. I wish I were a cell in your blood, so I would be sure I was somewhere in your heart


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