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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

iLike #1: Shoes By Fikayo Ifaturoti

" As a way of making things more interesting and fun, I sent a broadcast on my BBM contact list asking people to share the things they like. I got four winners and their stories would be up as soon as possible. This is the first one by a girl called Fikayo. It documents her love for shoes. Enjoy"

Hi. My name is Fikayo and I like shoes.

Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!!!
My body giggles whenever I go shopping for shoes :D
Everyone wears shoes...
There are various types of shoes such as heels, boots, flats, canvases, flip-flops, sneakers...
Its amazing how the shoes you wear can change your whole outfit...

High heels because they make you look elegant irrelevant of your shape or size. Your legs look great in a skirt and you look professional in trousers. If you wear red heels you look like you mean business and black always look elegant.

Sneakers always look cute.They can make an outfit look cute and funky instantly.

Flat and Ballerina shoes are pretty as they are great for women who feel they're a little too tall. They are still elegant but don't give you additional height. They are also great for very petite women as they look great with skirts, shorts and skinny jeans.

Open toes show off a bit of nail polish. Open toe shoes are only a good idea if you look after your feet. They look great with a skirt for added 'sexiness'. They are also a great option in summer when you need to footwear which is smart but breathable.

Plimsolls make boys legs look utterly sexy....arrrr... ;)

And don't even get me started on their pointed shoes..absolutely cute.

Fikayo Ifaturoti.


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