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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


And the Devil is at it again. Today has probably been one of my more remarkable days this year  This medium of communication, added a year. My friend Eyitemi did something really sweet. Feedback concerning this blog was quicker than normal. My study session was going significantly better than normal. And then that phone call came: an old classmate of mine had given up the ghost.

Conversations and conversations later, it's looking semi true. Ebuka Ezeanya was one of the best people you would ever meet. Brilliant, easy going, tolerant and very generous. I know 'cos on numerous occassions he demonstrated kindness to me and the people around me. Every night he would ask me to order food for him and I noticed he always shared it with his dorm members and friends. It's testament of his good willing nature. He was an award winning artist. As Head of the Decoration Team in Year 12 I asked him to help with the work I was doing and he selflessly gave up his break time on more than one occassion to help in creating charts. It wasn't obligatory but serves as testimony of his helpful nature. When you consider the fact that this was one person out of a class of 20+ people it seems pretty remarkable. He was an extremely wise person who always said what he felt in a respectful manner (something a lot of us need to learn). You would never hear him say anything spiteful about anyone. As cliche as this is, he was one of those people who would never hurt a fly.

I have cried and cried. I have no tears left. And I have made a promise to myself. Anytime I see someone doing something right I would thank and bless them. It hurts my soul knowing that Ebuka did not know the level of respect I had for him. Life is short, let's make the best of it. His art works would adorn the corridors of Corona Schools and help in prolonging his legacy. Count your blessings and take nothing for granted as there's no tomorrow.
God Dey,


  1. it's so sad...smh. May his soul rest in perfect peace. still hoping this is just a rumour though, but if it isnt, R.I.P Ebuka Ezeanya

  2. rip ebuka...,its so sad

  3. When I heard this thing it didnt hit me at first...when I took a shower and thought about all he did and who he was I couldn't stop crying...fuck this..shows you that you should think of what you're still doin with your life
    R.I.P Ebuka..you can never be replaced

  4. this is a poison..i cnt refuse...this a sadness dat cnt me joi nymo...rip bruv


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