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Thursday, April 8, 2010

You Are What You Wear

It's cliche and it's an overbeaten issue. You are what you wear. In the world we live in it has become common practice to center our behaviour towards people based on first impressions. How else do you measure first impression than from the person's appearance? Show me a man who says he does not base his judgement on appearance and I would show you a liar. You can judge the level of a man's seriousness from the way he dressses. It's only for that reason why a man clad in a suit might be given preferential treatment over a man clad in ripped jeans despite their having the same qualifications.The moral: Dress well as you never know the doors that could be opened based on your appearance. Always look like youre a person coming from somewhere with somewhere to go as it is likely people would treat you with a greater deal of respectabilty.


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