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Friday, April 23, 2010

Da Grin: The Wake Up Call

Sadly, Da Grin didn't make it. Although I am deeply saddened and was at the point of crying it has taught me a lesson. Its not how long you are here for, its the impact you make. And thanks be to God, Da Grin made that impact. Even if he did not get to enjoy the fruits of his success, we know that God does everything a reason, hence no complaining or questioning him.
Da Grin's death should serve as inspiration to every member of this generation that come 2011, we have to ensure our voice is heard. We have to make sure Da Grin's death shall not be in vain. The government must put in place basic infrastructure that would better the lives of the people. The streets of which he was King must be made safer and better. You and I can make that difference. 2011 is the time for our political apathy to end. Let us build our own electoral observers who would ensure that anyone who tries to steal a ballot box feels our wrath. Let's vote the right people in so that history would be kind on our generation.
May God bless Da Grin's family and grant them the fortitude to bear the loss.
Da Grin for every HHWA.


  1. Well said... The whole thing is unimaginably sad. What bothers me is the fact that he must have suffered so much to get to where he reached only to be gone before he could sit back and enjoy his success. This news is going to throw sales of his records through the roof but how much of these earnings will reach the family he left behind? If only this happened in a more developed industry where royalties would be diverted to his family and estate...

    Oh well, all this must count for something, like you said. Interesting point about where his name came from, by the way... Was wondering the other day...


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