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Thursday, April 22, 2010


okay so i have decided to force myself out of what ever was going on because I heard the saddest news ever today- Dapo Olaitan Olaonipekun is dead. I didnt want to believe it until I tuned to Soundcity and realised that they were playing all his songs. No way... Why? Why is this world just not fair, when the akogun (soldier boy) was just rising, getting to the peak of his career, devil or enemies or whoever decided to take him away from us.

Ive got my swagger on
Mo wa ninu G-wagon

Omo Naija ni mi
Naija lo bi misi
Naija ni mo ti bere si ka ABC,
Omo Naija mo le feyin si pepsi...

Mo fe ma gun bentley
Ni adugbo mi gently

Ma fi ye won pe I be omo Ogun
Tawon girls ba ri mi, wa ni omo o dun

Mo ti so fun yin tele, mi o losi bi kankan
Mo ti lo si odo lo fo ori mi pelu kankan

These are just a few of the rhymes that endeared him to all of us.
Oh God, Im just speechless...

DAGrin was our own Yoruba M.I
BTW, I just discovered that DAGRIN= DApo's Got Rhymes INside


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