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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Random Thoughts/ Questions ( Insert any other word)...To my female fans, This is not a football post, just keep reading..

Football is at danger of becoming a two man spectacle thanks to Lionel Messi and Xavi.

Nigeria plays Argentina in our first World Cup game and I was wondering which of our defenders was man enough to handle Messi? Yobo? Shittu?

If Nigeria plays Germany at the World Cup, how would the TV stations broadcast the game without being viewed as racist... NIG GER. Get it!

Burnley won a football match. Anything is possible. Umaru arise!

Why do footballers celebrate with the player who wins the penalty even before the penalty has been taken?

Can we learn to overlook people's flaws and occurences in their personal lives and appreciate their talent? (Kanye West, Tiger Woods and Chris Brown in mind)

The word Swagger is so misused.

Isn't it funny how people send chain messages tellng you not to send them chain messages?

Is it me or Twitter is a dumbed down Facebook? (On that note follow me @mayowaidowu)

Why do people take pictures of themselves and tag the whole world in it? If it's a funny picture it's understandable but if it isn't..... It's so annoying. DESIST.

I hate cyber language. Who came up with rotflmao, fml, cba, smh, lwkmd? In fact thou shall not address Mr Idowu using cyber language--> BE WARNED!!!!

Have you noticed that people tend to say lol for the unfunniest of things?

If I'm ever talking/ chatting with you and I say Laughs or Noted don't get angry or think I'm showing off my cultural capital or being sarcastic. It's just a conscious effort not to say Lol or Skeen and speak Queen's English.( As Leye and Eyitemi would say)

Can people stop hating on Soulja Boy and realize that he is a talented man. Coming up with the hits he has come up with can only be possible with talent. Kiss me through the Phone and Turn my Swag on got me jumping even though I didnt really like the guy. The ability to make people
who were not fans bump their heads to his stuff is a talent very few people have. As Kanye West said "Not everyone can be on Nas, Lil Wayne stuff". His prototype has now been replicated by people like New Boys, Audio Push and Roscoe Dash and so far it has proved succesful. Kindly remember him as the pathway for that genre of music.

"Don Jazzy for President, D' Banj for Governor, Me I'm the Lieutenant, Wande is the commodore" Laughs. What happened to K Switch and Dr Sid?

Don Jazzy is one of the best producers ever. Under G, Something about You, Omoba, Critical and Now is the time are what they are cos of him. It's Don Jazzy again.

Why do Nigerians have this mindset that they own and run the world? We also tend to have a huge superiority complex? Only God knows what would happen if we had half the power America has?

Kindly support the following upcoming artistes. Google them and download their mixtapes. Trust me you won't regret it.

B.o.B- Mixtape titled May 25th(You know what that date means). Album, Adventures of Bobby Ray coming out on April 27th.

Big Sean- Finally Famous and U KNOW BIG SEAN

J Cole- The Warm Up. I honestly think if he fulfills the talent shown so far and continues moving at the pace he is going, within the next five/ten years he would be the best rapper of his generation. (Remember Drake, Kid Cudi and Wale are members of this generation)

Three quarters of adverts on TV nowadays don't even make sense.

Why do girls deceive themselves that they don't like Poetry? As a matter of fact, I am planning on improving my poetic ability. Maybe I would get more girls with that.

I wanna start my noisemaking/ publicity imprint and the name I got is OMG! Promotions. Any alternative names???

For all of us who got exams around the corner, nothing other than total success is our best portion. God be with us o.

And why do I feel my blog is getting bigger and reaching a wider audience. Because of your support. Thanks people. Still tell your friends to tell their friends.

Shout out to the girls behind http://ruggedraspberries.blogspot.com for making me want to improve the appearance of my blog badly. Good blog there.

Shout out to Bisola Bamkole, Demeyin Agbeyegbe and Oyinkansola Sunmonu for making my head swell via Facebook and Twitter. Your words are my motivation. Thanks.

A moment of silence as we remember the families of the Poland air tragedy.May their souls rest in peace and may God grant their families the fortitude to bear the loss. Amin o.

Smiley face,
Have a blessed week,


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