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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Linda Ikeji writes a Book

If you ask every Nigerian blogger who their inspirations or who they aspire to be like don't be surprised if they said Bella Naija or Linda Ikeji. Of the two I prefer Linda Ikeji's and it is also what I regard as my benchmark so you can imagine my delight when she gave this blog a co sign. Her book It takes You (An inspirational book) was recently published and with all our pleasure we congratulate her. I would also recommend you cop it. Visit her blog for more details @ lindaikeji.blogspot.com


  1. She really is inspiring... I love the fact that she has these dreams and is going after them one after the other...

    P.S. Ur video post on VVF was very on point... The whole thing is disgusting. The worst part is that the situation can be so easily avoided- by preventing the pervert grandpas from marrying these children, and by a simple surgical procedure that fixes their urino-genital system... But poverty and tradition prevent either from being tackled... SAD.


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