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Thursday, April 8, 2010


Friends are
People who you tell everything and anything without the fear of being judged, criticized or laughed at.
People who always tell you the truth without feeling they have a point to prove.
People who will give break their backs to give you the tiniest of things.
Those annoying people who give you strawberries even though you are allergic to it.
People who support you in public when you are wrong, but tell you in private "Damn! You screwed up".
People who value your happiness over every other thing.
People who never told you "I told you so" when you make mistakes even if they did.
People who put your own interests over every other thing and support you no matter the decisions you make.
People who make you smile when you are feeling in the dumps.
Man U fans (Sadly).

The Friendship Poem
Sadness is an emotion we all feel
It leaves us feeling down, quick to anger
Unable to function whilst being sad at the world
Friends are those people who help us recover
Help us realize that the world is worth living for
Turn our frowns into smiles
And tears into joy
Make us feel emotions we have never felt
and break their backs to give us their last 5 naira
Although there are a limited amount of them
The few we have make up for the deficit
If I ever came to life again
and you asked me to be your friend
My answer would be "It would be a pleasure"
Thank you.


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