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Sunday, April 4, 2010

For the Ladies

If you're a boy and I tagged you no vex: It's applicable to us too and its a good read The Search for Miss Right and I Hate About Girls to get a better understanding.....
You can forward this to every girl you know

"It is difficult to pass an objective judgement on an issue when you do not have all the facts."
Open Heavens March 29th 2010

How do you expect to pass that test or exam when you don't read? How do you expect people to respect you when you show no respect to others? How do you expect to be succesful when you don't work hard? How do you want people to be nice to you when youre not nice to them? Nothing good comes easy. Don't be fooled, the smartest people are those people who read hard. The fresh guys are those folks who do nothing but wash and iron. The fastest and best sportsmen are those who spend a great amount of time training and honing those talents.

I was talking to a girl recently and she told me she was not interested in a relationship (I wasn't asking her out o, it was a general conversation) because she saw it as a waste of time and resources. This is a girl who has not been in a relationship in two years. With that she answered the question I posed when I wrote 'The Search for Miss Right. The reason why I have been unable to find my Miss Right is because there are too many selfish people out there. Too many people looking after themselves and unwilling to spare a thought of the possible joy their actions could bring for the parties involved. My conclusion is that a greater amount of people are highly self centered. Self centered in the sense that we do things only for what we stand to gain. This might not be the voice of rationality but we are all frightened to leap for the sky from the top of that scary cliff. My dad says all the time "Life is about making decisions". We are all scared of getting hurt so we let that hinder our thought processes and decisions whilst clouding our judgements. We are all scared of dedicating our time to relationships and those other things that if succesful would bring a form of happiness into our lives. We are all frightened of doing the things that could possibly bring thrills out of the fear of failure and rejection. My reply to the girl in question was "You've got to give to get". You can't make noise on how scared you are of getting hurt if you are not ready to take a risk. As Eyitemi said ''Only risktakers can fall in love, no man can catch a woman who is too afraid to fall''. How are you sure your gonna get hurt? When I was deceiving myself on my MayoIsms project one of my quotes (someone ended up using as it their parting words) was "You will never learn to fly if you don't take a leap". In the pursuit of happyness and success we all have to be willing to take risks. It's one of the major differences betweeen the ordinary and the extra ordinary. Taking that bank loan might be the difference between your Zune and my iPod. Bill Gates had the chance to sell out on Microsoft to IBM a long time before it became the world renowned brand that it is today but he decided to bear the brunt and succeeded in building Microsoft into a Fortune 500 company and a pacesetter in its field. Without taking that risk Bill Gates might not be the fluctuating world's richest man that he is today.

To all those girls scared of letting that boy in because of the fear that he might be a cheat: How do you know you can't be the one to change that boy? It's not the first time it would happen and neither would it be the last.(The rates would be higher if you guys were willing to take risks). You can't block everyone out based on generalisations. You've got to open your eyes and smell the roses. And even if it doesn't work out as you would like, think about the fact that experience is the best teacher and you just failed a test in the Life school. You can always have a Make Up test. Everything happens for a reason. At the end of the day you would have to marry someone so you better open your eyes and realize that you cannot be an island to yourself whillst gaining experience that would serve you well if/when you reach your husband's house. On this note the Search for Miss Right continues.

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