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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Devil, Begone with you

If I ever needed evidence that the devil tries to pull you down when things are going well for you I announce to you that I have found it. Da Grin, one of my best Nigerian artistes at the moment being my piece of evidence. In the past week he got nominated for some of the major awards at the Hip Hop World Awards for the work on his debut album C.E.O (Chief Executive OmoIta). Obvioulsy, he must have been on a high. The Devil was probably unhappy with Da Grin's show of progress and he took action. Da Grin was involved in a car accident and has been reported to be unconscious. Although I am not 100% sure as at the time of writing some tweets suggest he has gained consciousness.

I'm sure this might annoy some people but I also have a Kanye perspective. Early last year, Mr West had two of the self proclaimed greatest days of his life. On the day of Barack Obama's inauguration he performed at the MTV Inaugural Youth Ball and the following day he made history as the first non athlete to have his own sneaker collecton with Nike; the Air Yeezys. A website then published a story quoting him as saying he would love to participate in bi racial porn. His reply via his blog was "Why wouldn't you let me be great? I just had the two greatest days of my life yet people still try to bring me down".

Devil I ask you "Why would't you let us be great?" Leave us alone as we march towards Perfection and Prosperity. Why must you pull us down when we are flying high? Leave us alone.

It's been said before, it would be said again " The devil is a liar". I know a lot of people going through difficult times right now so I want to use this as an opportunity to remind them that things would be well. As Eyitemi told me when I had issues of my own " God does not give us problems we can't handle". There's no problem that can't be answered. May God be with us and may he give us the strength to handle the thorns strewn in our paths. It is well.

My dad's present Facebook status could not be more accurate. It reads "Just when u think things are bad they could get worse and just when u think things are good, they sometimes even get better. Whatever is your lot give thanks in all situations."

Let's do this people,


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