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Thursday, March 18, 2010

What I hate About Girls

Pretending to hate you when they really like you.
Asking you if they are fat and then getting angry when you tell them the truth.
Leading you on only to tell you they have boyfriends.
Fooling themselves that they are hard to get and that they don't like cheesy stuff.(See Deji)
Telling you how ugly they are in the belief that you will tell them they aren't ugly. So much for Thou shall not lie.
The fact that they like people like Russell Brand and Lil Wayne when wonderful people like me are still alive.
The fact that they always expect you to be the one to bring topics up. If i now start talking about football they would start vexing. Start the conversation my friend. Dimwit.
The notion that the guy must always pay for the date. You won't now give me quaves at the end of the day, you better pay for your food jare. Leu leu.


  1. See you! Lol! This really got me laughing out loud...

  2. Not a reading type tho but to be fair i think this is my favourite article.For most of them, i read a quarter then i find out that there is still a page and a half left and i just stopping reading.I think the reason this captured a lot of peoples attention is because you stated facts which many people still don't have answers for.Got me laughing through out.

  3. seen....well due to your russell brand and lil wayne comment..


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