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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


This is my official ranting in honour of Las Gidi.
I love Gidi, its home to me, and as they say, there's no place like home.
Dont get me wrong, I love Abuja, but it's just not home to me..

I miss the hustle, everybody just wants to make money in Gidi, maybe thats what motivates all the yahoo guys, but that kinda spirit moves me, it makes me determined to be a better person, not just sit on one spot, like Abuja encourages you to do.

I miss the bustle, everybody's always in a hurry to get somewhere, I miss the bikes that can get you anywhere so far as you have the money.

I miss the traffic, because everybody's in a hurry to get somewhere, there's a minor accident and it escalates into a brawl and then a portion of the road is blocked by the brawlers leading into something else. Better still, I miss the traffic caused by bad roads, cause then everybody passing by has an opportunity to rain curses on the government.

I miss the 'lawlessness', anybody can do anything at anytime. A road that you pass everyday can be turned into the next owambe venue in 30 minutes and then you spend the next 2hours looking for an alternative route.

I miss the crowds, everywhere there's a crowd. In churches, mosques, markets, clubs, eateries, shopping malls, concerts, everywhere.

I miss the noise, whether from the local guy selling c.ds to the mosques at 5am or the churches at 12am, everybody has a speaker blaring some sort of music or noise at the loudest volume possible. even cars these days have some sort of horn speaker either evangelising or advertising some sort of local remedy (gbogbonise)

I miss the entertainment, I mean, there's never a dull moment, even a trip to the local aboki is some form of entertainment cos you'll surely find something to laugh about. But, seriously, there are places to go, from cactus to silverbird(window shopping), to the ice cream factory. And Gidi makes everything seem important, so you have to put on your best outfit to go to the ice cream factory. In Abuja, the only places to go are Ceddi, Silverbird, and the amusement park. (btw, why is everywhere a park in Abj).

I miss the transport, the bikes, the molues, the danfos, the shouting 'owa' or else. I miss the squabbles between conductors and passengers on the bus, the selling of different things, the beggars...'enter with your 50naira change oh, Cele ma wole...' I miss Lag Bus and the finely dressed conductors and drivers, ensuring that you dont get dirty to that interview or to work or to your babe's house.

I miss the runs...y'know, going out and nobody knowing, I miss my mad friends. I miss my nutty sisters. I miss GIDI.

Here's to u, GIDI, hope to see you soon.

p.s: isnt it stigmatisation when you treat someone favorably because they have AIDS or is there such a thing as positive stigmatisation.


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