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Thursday, February 11, 2010

I wrote this over Christmas and virtually forgot it existed. Well, pardon the outdatedness.

As the day of my return to Nigeria for the Christmas holidays approached I was desperate to return home as the oyibo cold had left me dreaming of the heat of Nigeria. Upon my return as I left the airport I said "Wow! In England I used to play football regularly and I don’t remember ever sweating, I spend forty five minutes in this country and I am already sweating like a Christmas goat". Unfortunately, my return home just helped highlight the many things wrong with the country. I was well informed on our President's health scenario but what I hadn't thought of was the confusion in Abuja on what should be done in the case of the President's (still counting) absence. The constitutional stipulation is being ignored and people are doing what they deem right. What a shame! This is where you will see elements like Michael Aondoakaa talking rubbish. When it concerns the EFCC and other things unrelated to him he springs to action but when what concerns him lies in front of him seeking his attention he chooses to ignore it. Some of the blame must also be placed at Yar' Adua's frail footsteps. It has always been common knowledge that his health had a question mark hanging over it but yet he still kept us away from the truth. The right thing would have been to delegate the country into the Vice President's hands while he sorted himself out and the public outcry would have possibly been far less. If a power freak like Fidel Castro could do this (Although he handed the country over to his brother) then what stops a gentle man like Yar' Adua doing this. Another thing that played a factor in my conclusion that Nigeria is a failed country was the non chalance from the Nigerian media and supposed leaders on the 23rd of December which served as the 8th year anniversary of the death of the late Bola Ige. Uncle Bola as he was fondly called was assassinated in Ibadan. The sad part of the whole scenario is that at the time of his death he was the Attorney General of the federation (The position Aondoakaa occupies now). The fact that the government that he was serving did not deem it fit to pursue his killers and make them face the laws is the greatest indictment on the part of Obasanjo's government.

That thought suggests the people in positions of authority know something that we do not know. For years people like Wole Soyinka have been very vocal in their quest to find the killers. The fact that of all the newspapers I read on the 24th of December (Trust me I read a lot of them) only the Tribune covered the memorial service organised by the Ige family saddened me. When one considers that this is an Ibadan based paper covering an Ibadan event it takes the gloss of Tribune's seeming achievement. The fact that activists and the newspapers did not deem it fit to call press conferences and remind us of this landmark suggests they agree with me that the Nigerian system is failed. They would probably tell you “We have done it for the past how many years and nothing has happened, so what will happen if we say it this time?". I would counter " Point taken but achieving greatness is one that requires patience and persistence”. The old cliché on Rome not being built in a day could not be more accurate in this scenario.

On the 27th my family and I were out to have a meal. After having our meal as we returned to the car we discovered that the side mirrors of the car were gone. This saddened my mother greatly. I felt sorry for the country on this day. There are people who have no other option than to live a life in crime as this is where the lack of support from the government pushes them to. This was a day after Farouk Abdul Mutallab tried to bomb the plane. My first thought was that now those oyibo people would now search me and my fellow innocent Nigerians like we carry bombs. To think that a Nigerian in my school had told an Asian “We don't carry bombs". This country has great people in every industry under the sun so seeing it in the position it is, suggests that things are wrong. For the typical Nigerian, Scandals and disgrace of people in positions of power serve as breakfast, lunch and dinner. Could some one please spare a thought for Dora Akunyili's attempt to re brand Nigeria? That plane is crashed before it has even taken off. What would happen to the millions that Aunty Dora had budgeted for the campaign? Probably go towards making new millionaires like some of our parent’s taxes did during Obasanjo's tenure.

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