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Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Dear God,
It’s always been my belief that you have the answer to everything and anything,
It’s also my belief that you are capable of solving the most tasking of problems,
It is for this reason I bring the issue of Nigeria to you,
Everything is seemingly going downhill,
People are dying,
The education system is gasping for fresh air,
The hospitals can’t handle the most basic of ailments,
Food is like water in a desert,
Jobs are even harder to find,
The rich get richer (Illegitimately)
The poor get poorer
Where did we go wrong?
The thousands of times we have allowed ourselves to be trampled upon and kept quiet

This entry was not what I had planned. It was more of freestyle (Not the type Lil Wayne says he does). Writing this brings tears to my eyes and it’s the most accurate description of how messed up Nigeria is. “From a ‘lowly' ₦140 million which was set aside for them in the 2005 budget, Nigerian taxpayers have coughed up ₦105 million, in 2006; ₦124 million, in 2008 and ₦250 million in 2009.” In 2010, ₦2 billion is being kept aside for the same people. What happened to all the money they have embezzled? Do the people making these decisions realize what can be done with this money? Fix our roads. The lackadaisical educational system that has pushed people to other countries could do with this money. The many hospitals that are dysfunctional could be made functional. The millions of homeless people sleeping under the bridge could be given homes to sleep. To think that this is where our parent’s taxes go to makes me reluctant to pay tax when I grow up. I would love to continue ranting but the more I talk the angrier i get so I guess I will sign out at this point cos I got to get to my Literature Class.

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