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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thoughts Of the Day (Largely Centred around the Super Eagles)

1) Yakubu should not be given the captain band again and he should be left on the bench for the rest of the competition. Kanu would be a far more suitable option and that says a lot.
2) Yusuf Mohammed, the right back should be permanently stationed at the goal post.
3) Wasn't it clearly obvious that all Nigerian set pieces were directed at Danny Shittu? What type of tactic is that?
4) Why do we try so hard to play long balls? Our players are not that big and our midfielders do not go by the names of Fabregas, Scholes, Xavi or Iniesta so as Itunu would say "Snap out of it".
5) Our coming thus far at AFCON is due to one thing: Luck. We were lucky not to play a top team in the Quarters if not our weaknesses would have been accentuated like they were when we met one (Egypt). Also lucky that the Zambian players did not have the required firepower to put the ball into the post. Lucky that Essien is out so our task has been made easier to an extent.( That does not mean we would beat Ghana but whatever happens, it coud have been worse).
6) At the beginning of the Cup of Nations I was asked " Who would return home first the Eagles or the President?" Let's see.


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