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Saturday, January 30, 2010

So was just listening to a leak of this star studded song featuring Banky W(my love), M.I, Rooftop MCs, Omawunmi and co.
While Im not writing to praise the song or something, Im writing to praise the initiative behind the song. The song was recorded for the “Microsoft Internet Safety, Security and Privacy Initiative for Nigeria” initiative which seeks to to re-direct the energies of participants of cyber crime to positive use.
The song is title Maga No Need Pay and the chorus goes sumtin like 'Maga no need pay for me to ride my big car...' with the artistes all sharing their own personal experiences (how they made it).
I think I like that the musicians are putting their efforts into this angle because cyber crime is an issue that has dealt heavy blows to the reputation of Nigeria (remember the Sony advert people) but has not been dealt with on the inside.
All we hear about cyber crime is that the police raided a cyber cafe where innocent people were surfing the net or that innocent gentlemen were walking on the streets of ikeja and were picked up by the police for 'looking' like yahoo guys.
In this era where there's a non-governmental organisation on practically every street in Nigeria, it is apalling to note that none of them have actually looked into the issue of cyber crime. Equally annoying is the fact that the Prof Dora Akunyili led Ministry of Information's Rebranding Project has not thought it a strong enough issue to be addressed in all the rebranding campaigns(numerous as they are).
Big ups to Microsoft Corporation for coming to Nigeria and helping us solve our internal problems. Included in the package is 'a rehabilitation program that will allow twenty-five (25) young people who have been involved in cybercrime activities to benefit from training (life skills, employability skills, I.T., etc), mentorship and paid internships'.
And for those of us who were not lyrically sound enough to be involved in the song, it will be released in February 2010 and I believe the best we can all do is play the song, make sure it spreads, and becomes the number 1 song everywhere, so that everyone can take time out to listen to the lyrics of the song and spread the word.
And if by chance any executive directors of NGOs are reading this, I hope it is not too much to ask for you to find a way to partner with Microsoft on this initiative and make Nigeria a better place in the long run.

Sing it Loud, Maga No Need Pay
Peace y'all

P.S. for all of you that have been asking, I refuse to comment on this issue of our absentee president because we all know what to do and we dont want to do it (that's the definition of a word I refuse to use on us all)


  1. ok, guys for some reason, the last bit of this article is not showing, dunno if anybody can help out, but if you highlight that part, you'ld be able to read that part....

  2. Thanks for this post, but I think that the initiative is actually driven by a Nigerian NGO, Paradigm Initiative Nigeria. If you check the link on the leak page, it goes to www.pinigeria.org/isspin. Thanks for telling us about this though, and we hope many more - NGOs, individuals, Nigerian corporations, chuurches, mosques, etc - will act to solve problems!

  3. oops, sori, my bad. big ups to them then...


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