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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Next To Blow #2: Next

In 2009 I was tasked to write an article on Next newspaper for a media journal. In the process of researching into on the latest entrant to our country's ever growing list of media enterprises I got introduced to something that I would struggle to do without. Next is what the Nigeria media has been waiting for. Well designed, Independent and practising Journalism the way it should be done it has played a role in making other newspapers sit up. It can't be classified as an old people's paper or a young person's paper: It is for people of all ages. Counting the headlines Next has broken would take a huge amount of space but a few highlights include it's revelations of The Mo Abudu/ Lagos State Government conflict, The Sun boat hotel's sudden disappearance, The Soludo/ Securency backhand deals and it was also the first newspaper to gather the real information on Ibori's previous run ins with the law in England. It's opinion writers would keep you interested and it is generally a fresh breath of air to the stale air in the Nigerian media. It's main backer Dele Olojede is a Pulitzer prize winner which could be viewed as a reason for it's highly professional dealings. It's website(234next.com) is the best in the Nigerian media industry making it the haven of Nigerians in the diaspora. With the potential being shown Next could become the best newspaper in the country in a very short time. Hopefully you will enjoy it like I do.


  1. i love it too! and I met Dele Olojede and he is a great guy!


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