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Monday, January 18, 2010

Joke of the Day

Some Jamaicans were sitting around a campfire near the beach. They were all philosophizing on what the fastest thing in the world was. Seymour said "I tink de fasses ting is a thought because before you can tink it it's already thought". Winston said " Nah man da fassess ting is a blink cos before you tink to blink you dun blink already". Delroy said " No man da fassess ting is helectricity becas when you turn on de light it travel fass and de lite come on". Leroy says " Nah man da fassess ting is diarrhoea" "Diarrohoea?" they all say. He replied " Yes cos las night before i could tink, blink or switch the light on me shit meself".

Wishing you a blessed week.
Cheers, :)


  1. MANYE!! u are really back in full force
    wordddd!!!!!!! this is incredible. keep it up!

  2. looool.. omg!
    and anonymous above me..razz much???


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