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Sunday, January 10, 2010


This is very important to me.
Was at a church meeting today and was very surprised at a particular issue that was discussed there.
The Pastor was personally inviting us to the Save Nigeria rally that is holding on Tuesday.
The Save Nigeria rally is actually a walk from the Unity Fountain in Abuja to the National Assembly.
It would be led by Prof Wole Soyinka, Prof Pat Utomi and some other honorable Nigerians. Tuesday 12th January 2010 is the first day the House of Representatives will be seating in the new year(yeah!!!) and the Save Nigeria group wants the house to make sure that our president is sacked on that first day.
The London edition, Im told, would hold on the 15th of January.
Im a big supporter of this initiative but what is intriguing, for me is that I heard the details from a Pastor.
Let me explain, on this side of the world, we are not used to religious leaders dabbling into political affairs and I think this is one of our problems.
Religion is one of the best ways to reach the Nigerian nation, and if you want Nigerians to do something quickly, mask it in religion, and it would be done. ( I remember an incident that happened last year while i was in school. Certain text messages were circulated stating that a particular man of God said we should pray overnight to prevent loss of lives. I remember everyone becoming prayer warriors that night. Only to find out it was a lie later)
That said, let me state that Im a bit disappointed in the religious leaders of today for not standing up to join their voices to the call for our sick president to step down and let someone who is fit take that position. martin Luther was religious, wasnt he?
The reason a lot of Nigerians are just laid back about this issue is that the people we respect so much: our religious leaders havent risen to say something.
Religion is not supposed to turn us into people who are irrelevant, we are supposed to be relevant in all areas of life, innit? We cant just keep praying and expect something to happen, can we? Even the Bible says faith without works is dead...
And it is for this reason that I recommend Pastor Dele Osunmakinde and the Baptising Church Abuja, for everyone who needs insight on how to be a christian in the 21st century.
Nigeria is on the way to being a failed state. if we ever get to that place, let us bear in mind that none of us would be spared, even the religious leaders who have decided to keep mum on the issue- ask the Liberians or the Rwandans.
Cheers y'all

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