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Saturday, December 26, 2009


For those of you who don't know, I currently work in a hospital, a paediatric clinic to be precise.
On Wednesday, I had one of the most hectic days of my life, but it was a day that got me thinking, which is rare, cos almost nothing gets my attention.
But I'll tell you one thing that caught my attention. One mother came in with a baby and a letter. As usual, she handed me the letter, and I noticed something, the baby had cerebral palsy. I stopped and re-read the letter, cerebral palsy, I had only heard of that in class when we took case studies or on t.v. But mehn, this was live.
Of course I gave the mother and her a child an appointment date and sent them off, but I took like some 15minutes off, and thought about my life.
And then another thing happened. This other woman walked in with this really thin baby, she walked up to me, and explained that she wanted to see a doctor for follow up. The baby had just been discharged from the hospital on Sunday. She saw the doctor and he asked the baby to be hospitalised again.
Then came the next obstacle, there was no bed space. so we had to look for a child who was semi-well to discharge and admit this baby.
You can only imagine how the mother of this baby felt having to spend christmas (yeah) in the hospital; and what would have happened to the semi-well one that was discharged?
I tell you after that I just couldnt function, my boss noticed and sent me off early. I got thinking and I realised that I have a lot to be thankful for.
First for the fact that these children were even priviledged to come to this hospital, see doctors, have their conditions diagnosed and treated or managed.
Secondly, that I have the opportunity to work in close contact with these people, and in my own little way, help them on their way to recovery...
Finally, that I can learn from these individuals the need to be thankful in every area of my life.
These are just a few of the reasons for which I'm grateful and as everyone is festive this season, Im just THANKFUL...

It could be worse...


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