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Saturday, December 19, 2009


Everybody has a list of things they cant live without and that they live for... so this is my very own list...

1. Nigeria. that sounds odd, doesnt it? but i know for sure, as in sure thing that I cant live without Nigeria.no matter where i am, I just have this need to be in Nigeria...

2. Radio. everybody that knows me probably knows that i got my ears into trouble because of my love for radio. I'm pretty much banned from earphones now. In fact one of the few things I really miss about Lagos is COOL FM.

3. Music. I really cannot live without good music. Unlike Manye, I'm not a huge fan of rap music, but somehow I find myself singing and singing Naeto C, M.I, Banky W, Mo Cheddah, e.t.c.

4. Fashion. I know, I know, it doesnt show, but I could spend my food money on clothes...

5. Shoes. for all of y'all who are clueless, no, shoes should not be part of fashion, they should have a separate category or genre or whatever for them.

6. Love. Fortunately or unfortunately, I am a hopeless romantic who still believes that there is love to be found out there, if you search in the right places.

7. Books. Books are the love of my life (at least for now). In fact I have had instances of my family members hiding books from me because they dont want me to read them (due to reasons exclusive to them).

8. Slangs. Someone please tell me, who invented slangs. I love him or her. One of my weaknesses is that i cant belt out a complete sentence without including a slang. some of the slangs Im totally rocking at the moment are:
"On point"- when something is just totally right. Stolen from BBA4
"Breadi"- when its hot, fresh and in high demand. stolen from my girl Mo Cheddah.

Hope this post was on point oh
Happy Holidays,


  1. lol...moyinoluwa odugbemi...hmmmm but sha ur post is on point!..lol

  2. emm....oh ok, u just mite nt knw who dis is....hmmm, dnt tink i should reveal my identity just yet. m definitely not a stalker, nor am i a guy(dnt imagine m ur knight in shinin armour), m a fine babe(m nt gay o..lol)....hmmmm


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