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Monday, December 21, 2009

Things I Cant Do Without excluding God and my family

My iPod/Music: I call my iPod my wife and with the amount of music and movies on it it's no surprise. We all live for Music so I am sure I am not the first music crazy person in this generation.
Kanye West: Why else do I call myself Manye. Figure it out. The man is a genius and his antics are just a reminder of how human we are.
Football: If your a man and you dont like footy you got issues mayne
Blogging: It's my life and Im fortunate to have people like you who are attentive listeners.Thanks a lot.
Football: What boy doesn't like football? Arsenal's my team and they play the best football in the world so a boy can't be sad.
Girls: Enough said.
Doughnuts: Of all shapes, flavours and sizes. Im a big fan.


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