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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Might be touchy...

What determines if a guy is attractive to girls? Or vice versa?
I’m talking about those boys/girls whom girls/boys generally fawn over. I’m not talking about movie stars or musicians, although Lil Wayne is my number one example of my many theories, I’m talking about the boy/girl sitting across from you on the bus, train, in class, wherever.
As a girl, I’ll use myself as an example. Over my varied encounter with boys, I have two views. My first view is my ideal view and my second is my realistic view. Ideally I would like to be attracted to nice, responsible, mature young men with long held abilities to deal with women with respect. These young men go to good schools, eat right, are active in society and can keep their raging hormones under wraps. They believe in the inner beauty of a woman and look beyond her outer appearance, be it good or bad, to find the real her. Realistically I’m attracted to sexy (at least I like to think of them as such), dark, often brooding boys with difficult characters and a very discernible appetite for the ‘good things’ in life. When I say the ‘good things’ I mean expensive clothes, a sexy woman (maybe two or more), a hefty wallet and plenty of adoration (preferably from the opposite sex) and respect (preferably from the same sex).
Goodness knows why these boys pull my strings (and the strings of MANY other girls although we would hate to admit it). Is it because the look that says ‘I could eat you up just now’ makes me feel wanted? Or is that I think I can fix their broodiness? Or do I harbor dreams of grandeur about my abilities to cope with darkness, sadness and heartbreak? Whatever it is, it pulls me hard…virtually sucks me into a vortex. I like to tell stories so I’ll tell you this one: a particular boy, we’ll call him J for these purpose, is the main focus of this epic tale. The first time I met J I totally disliked him. His overconfidence and his arrogance irritated me and I just KNEW I would have nothing to do with him. Before long he is going out with a friend. Know why would I let a boy get in the way of my friendship? So I gave him a chance and he turned out not to be so bad after all. I still generally kept my distance…until the break-up. That put me off him (although to be fair she broke up with him) but that was before I signed up for drama. From the first day of practice with J as my partner, my self-proclaimed celibacy was about to take a huge hit. I love a boy who carries me and one with strong hands a.k.a no limp hand holding or waist grabbing rather a nice, strong grip stands. J carried me so often it became routine and his hands had such power. He told me he was going to seduce me and he was successful HOWEVER it doesn’t mean I showed it :D plus he stared at me like I was edible…I often had to tell him not to stare so although I quite liked it.
The moral of the story is that I’m attracted to those that go against my common sense. Is this just my problem? Is it even a problem? I don’t think so. Anyway if we all got whom exactly we wished for our lives would be so boring, so predictable but I’m not one to judge or predict. Of course there are exceptions to every rule but I believe I’m the rule not an exception. Girls and boys hardly ever go out with their ideal person, even if the person exists. We would rather, subconsciously of course, go out with our realistic person. As every individual differs so do the realistic views. I can’t tell you yours but you can definitely tell me *wink*. I can keep a secret.


  1. lol, funny, but true, i just had an encounter with your typical J, and i still have to beg him to release me sumtyms, cos its hard... if you catch my flow...

  2. i totally concur! i had a good laugh wen i read this coz it just bared out all tht i had been deceiving myself with. i had a typical j and my ideal man in my life at one point in time and guess who i'm with now, the j stereotype...sigh! but yh, if we all had our ideal spouses, life won't be as exciting!


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