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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Next to Blow #2: Kayode Adegbola

This is an interview with a young Nigerian schooling in England, who takes his course, Law, as seriously as his hobby, Photography.
Hey! Could you tell us a lil bit about yourself?

I'm 'Kayode Adegbola, a Law student at Queen Mary, University of London, and a hobbyist photographer.

From my knowledge, it seems you have a flair for unconventional things,
how did this come about?

I have always liked to stand out; and it has become first nature for me to do ordinary things in extraordinary ways :)

What does photography mean to you?

For me, photography is a special art form with which I can capture moments that will otherwise never occur again. That is what drives me.

As a photographer thus far, what have your biggest achievements been?

So far, my biggest achievements have been the two awards I have won at my University (Queen Mary, University of London) in the past two years. They both came with decent cash prizes, and are both still on display – one in the University's Bar Med; and the other in the Queen's Buidling Foyer.

What do you look to achieve in the future?
I plan to enter and win more photo contests, continue building my portfolio and ultimately run exhibitions of my photographs, first of which is likely to be on some of my fantastic music photography!

I am also working on releasing limited edition prints for sale from 2010.

Who have been your biggest inspirations and sources of motivation as a

When I became more conscious of my passion for photography, I stumbled upon Jide Alakija's blog on shutterchance (alakija.shutterchance.com), and from there I learnt a lot. Subsequently, we met and he became an even bigger inspiration.

I have also been inspired and motivated by the Photography of the legendary Sunmi Smart-Cole, Seun Otolorin, Andrew Esiebo, and many more!

I know you're studying Law at the moment, do you want to be a practising
Lawyer or are you just doing it as a form of security?

I'm not quite sure I want to practise law; but there is the odd chance that I will! In any case, I don't believe we are limited by what we choose to study at undergraduate level and thus am keeping my options open.

Thanks and Good luck in the future.
Thanks a lot bro.
Kayode's titles and the background stories;

Title: R. Kelly on Stage, Thisday Music Festival, Lagos <<#2>>
Description: R. Kelly gets emotional with fans at the end of his performance.
Thisday Music Festival,
Tafawa Balewa Square, Lagos.
July 4, 2009.

Title: “Bus 25 is not a limo”
Description: Taken on Mile End Road, long exposure as the infamous Bus 25 drove by.
Winning Photo, “Working the Camera” category, “Reflections of Queen Mary” Photography Contest 2009

Title: D'banj and Don Jazzy, a formidable team.
Description: Nigeria's top hitmakers, D'banj and Don Jazzy at the Lagos Show, Thisday Music Festival, July 2009.

Title: “The Happy Drummer”
Description: This is a shot from the “Ayangalu Festival” in Ibadan, Nigeria. I have always wondered about the drummer's expression in this photo – I want to believe that he is a genuinely happy person; thus I call him the happy drummer!

Title: The Trickster
Description: this gentleman is a world acclaimed street performer. I have seen and photographed him twice: this at Covent Garden, London, and another time in Canterbury, Kent.

Title: The National Theatre, Lagos

K'naan, live at Cargo
Somali-Canadian rapper K'naan performs on stage, live at Cargo London


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