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Monday, November 16, 2009

A Love Letter

My heart bleeds when I look at you,
But it doesn’t put me off believing that I can get you where you ought to be,
We can’t be scared to fail in the search for perfection,
No matter how many times we fall,
We would pick ourselves back up,
Let a million bullies stand in our paths,
We would surely overcome,
No matter how many hurdles stand in our path,
We would ‘Usain Bolt’ them,
No matter how many giants trample upon us?
We would bring them down like David did Goliath
God will take you through Hell just to get you to Heaven
Till I take you where you belong,
I shall not rest
Anyone who stands in my way
Would fill the wrath of a million people
I love you
Can we get there?
Yes we can aint an option,
Yes we will is the answer


  1. @ d "Usian Bolt" them. Really? I always did wonder..Is it possible really, to let go of everything and all for one thing? one person? one love?..It all seems too surreal in some way.

  2. I think its possible. Thats like the beauty of love. This is good.


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