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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What's your Obsession?

Kanye once sang ''What's your obsession? Is it money? Is it cars? Is it girls?"
So no Kanye none of those things are my obsession
But I do have an obsession, a HUGE one
but before going into that we have to solve the mystery of what EXACTLY an obsession is...

So according to the merriem-webster dictionary an obsession is "a persistent disturbing preoccupation with an often unreasonable idea or feeling"
I almost totally agree except for some nagging issues..
1) What of person? What if you are obsessed with a person?
2) An obsession is not often unreasonable or is it?
Some people will say that obsessions are often unreasonable but are you willing to call your obsession unreasonable?
Are you even willing to call that thought, idea, person, dream an obsession?

If you hold conversations with yourself over the 'obsessive' i.e. the person, idea, feeling, dream
If you are creating multiple scenarios in your head that will NEVER happen in real life
If after every 'sane' thought (do we always have sane thoughts?) an image or thought about the obsessive slips in mysteriously
If your facebook profile is full of momentos or replicas or followings of the obsessive
Then I'm sorry to break it to you...you are TOTALLY obsessed.

Ok so point 1, an obsession is impossible to define...it is particular to EACH individual
Point 2, everyone is obsessed with something...even if it's obsessing over not having an obsession
Point 3, obsessions are walking the thin line of insanity and complete hapiness
Point 4, obsessions never leave, they simply morph into something else
Point 5, obsessions can be fun or simply horrendous

So if you want to know what my obsession is you'll have to ask me:D
Oh and if I tagged you I think you either have to confess you have an obsession or I know what it is lol

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