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Monday, October 19, 2009

R.I.P Grandma

October 19th 2002 was the second time I encountered Death taking someone who was something dear to me. It was probably the second time I encountered a death I was fully conscious of. My Grandmother left the earth unexpectedly on this day. Although time may have passed, the wounds have not healed. Going to Ibadan and not seeing her in her favourite chair giving instructions to the entire household is still quite alien. From that chair, she could do anything and everything. Read every newspaper under the sun, prepare a pot of stew without even looking at it and solving her children’s problems in faraway Lagos. My Grandma might have shouted at us every now and then it does not take away the fact that she wanted the best for us and just found that as the best way to show her love.
People always say we should never have regrets and take every disappointment as a blessing. I must mention it has always been an object of thought why my Grandmother could not see the three things that I know have made her smile from her view in Heaven, Boluwatife and the twins. The fact that when I look at my family I don’t see anything wrong or anything I would be ashamed of is an indication that my Grandma raised a family to be proud of. This love was not shared within the family. The Church felt it. The fact that I have a lot of ‘cousins’ who are not related to me by blood is another indicator that my Grandma made sure the love was well spread. I have always learnt to be grateful to God for the things he has given me. I would end this article by thanking him for giving me Margaret Folasade Onalaja as the mother of my mother cos’ I don’t think I would have become the person I am without her influence(Hopefully I am a good person in your opinion)Lol.
R.I.P Grandma


  1. Though I never met her I know she had a deep inpact on those around her. I think it is wonderful that you took a moment to remember her. I am sure she is smiling down upon you now cousin :)

  2. I love you plenty and I'm sure she still loves you more. Folasades, after all, love for long.

  3. Trust me, there are a lot of us who miss Grandma Onalaja. May her gentle soul continue to rest in the bosom of our Lord, Jesus.
    x Tuntun


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