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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My hands are vibrating with desire.
My lips are trembling with need.
It has been a week and two days since my last high.
A week and two days since the potency of the drug has flown through my veins.
One week and two days since I heard your voice
My ears ache to hear the silky deep melody of your voice.
My hands yearn to pull the phone closer to my body.
My neck longs to cuddle the instrument which convenes your speech.
My lips crave the words of reply that form so readily.
My heart desires the warmth that flows steadily in.
Your voice is my weakness, my strength, my drug.
Your words are my downfall, my up rise, my daily high and low.
I love you; it is as simple as that
I need you; it’s a simple truth
I will call; that’s for certain
The only uncertainty is when; the only uncertainty is how long I will stay ‘clean’


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