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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Movies Vs Books

So recently I was over at Simone's house on Long Island in New York (Thank you for having me over)
It was great and as any nice host/hostess should, Simone suggested (or asked) we go watch a movie
I jumped right on the idea considering I really wanted to watch Transformers
That was until the hitch arrived...it was either watch the movie alone (out of the question) or watch another movie
Well I ended up having to convince my brain that it could not really be that bad and I could watch the movie sometime else
Then another hitch arose...which movie to watch
When My Sister's Keeper arose as the number one choice, I was naturally upset
For someone who reads as much as I do, I had already read the book.
When I pointed this out to Simone, she was astounded.
'So?' she says...I in turn was astounded
Everyone knows that movies from books are never as good as the book...or so I naively thought

Well it turns out that not everyone agrees with me but I still don't understand
What could be more exciting than transporting yourself to wherever you want to be?
What could be greater than being able to decipher the author's intent or the characters yourself without having some director's view thrust down your throat?
Take the Twilight series as an example...I fell in love with Edward when I read the book
Now is it me or is the Edward in the movie just not up to standard?
He might be hot but that is not the point...he is supposed to be beautiful
He's supposed to have a kind of ephereal beauty about him...but this dude just broke my heart
I cry during many movies ( I even cried watching Ratatouille) but if I cry during a Twilight movie its because of disappointment
Or Harry Potter...thank goodness they got the people right and the characters look like what I had originally imagined
But the movies themselves are nothing compared to the book
I read each one in the series at least six times, often in one day, but I struggle to watch the movies even once
Now I do not hate movies...I love them
I go to cinemas not really to hang out but to watch the movie or movies.
Unless I REALLY love you don't disturb me when I'm watching a movie yet these books cum movies just don't do it for me

It’s my personal opinion and of course a lot of people don't understand it or agree with it
But c'est la vie


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