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Sunday, October 18, 2009


Stole this off the Football365 Mailbox...They represent people's opinions on yesterday's football action

"Manchester City to bid 30M Pounds for the Beachball after it has scored more goals than Robinho and Roque Santa Cruz combined and is the front runner for the Balloon d'or after bursting the Liverpool balloon of "this is our year"."
Nick (The goal shouldn't stand, the Beachball was offside..!!) Los Angeles

...With all the furore over Liverpool losing to a goal deflected in off an inanimate object, can I just point out that Arsenal were similarly unlucky to lose at Old Trafford a few weeks back when a cross deflected off Diaby into the Gunner's net.

The same freak accident happened for Birmingham's visit to the Emirates yesterday, only in Arsenal's favour.

I urge Mr. Wenger to look into signing the beach ball as it would make excellent cover for Diaby (he is very injury prone).
David Mac

If the Liverpool game should have been stopped for the removal of an inanimate object (the beach ball). How is it that Nani gets away (although, admittedly infrequently) with staying on the pitch at Old Trafford.
(Carl) Mufc (Oldfield), Southport


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