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Sunday, September 20, 2009

This Irony Called Life

Hey there! Yeah I know it's been a while and you must have missed my rants. No bi my fault o. It's the stupid peoople at my new school who give ridiculous restrictions. I'm sure you have missed my rants. A lot of things have been on my mind lately so I must confess I have no idea where to start from. My favourite rapper, Kanye West has gotten some stick for expressing his opinion so you can expect I'm not too happy. Point One: Why is it so easy for people who you are made to believe are your friends to suddenly turn against you. Joe Jackson really annoys me. First of all, I find it unbelievable that a man his age who is still married would show up at an eveent supposedly honouring his son with a bunch of ridiculously clad women. He was quoted as saying Mr. West should be blackballed from future engagements. Why didn't he say this when he was pictured with Kanye West and Amber Rose on the said day? Or maybe he's just mad at the "Now I'm mad real mad Joe Jackson" line. It's no surprise his son left him out of his will.
Point 2: Barack Obama gets on my nerves. First of all he indirectly took shots at Michael Jackson's death. Then he calls Kanye West a jackass.He didn't know that when he got Kanye to perform at the Democratic Convention that made him the Democratic candidate. He didn't know that when Kanye West performed at his Inaugural Youth Ball.
Get me right, Im not trying to justify Mr West's actions, I just find it strange that that people who were friends and fans five minutes before his outburst find it so easy to speak against him. Obama should sort out the problems of millions of Americans before he tries to sort Kanye out. The way people talk you wil be made to believe they have no faults of theirs. Like Jay Z said " The same swords they knight you with, they gonna goodnight you with". Our dear Jesus suffered the same thing. They say it's not the mistake that matters, it's how you recover that matters. He has apologised and cried so isn't it time we give him the support he deserves. Till then, Have a nice week.
Manye West


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