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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Something for the Ladies

You are probably asking yourself "What does he want to say?".My closest friends are girls.My biggest fans and followers are also girls so I gots to pay them respect. This is one for you ladies.I read about a story told by famous comedian Basketmouth on Ebuka Obi Uchendu's page in Sunday's Thisday. The story is about a lady Basketmouth met in a club. The lady was his "dream girl" meaning she had the right stuff in the right places. Upon hitting the supposed place for their rendezvous, Basketmouth's "dream girl" became his nightmare. First, she removed her heels and became shorter than he expected. Next was the facial cleanser revealing one of the ugliest faces he had ever seen? After that she removed her wig and then he discovered her hair line was as terrible as Joleon Lescott's. As if that were not enough she took off her top and he discovered that the cleavage that had had him drooling was a customer of the famed "wonder bra". To the ladies: I don't want a girl with a face like Barbie's but I want one whose face will make me say "Thank you, God". I don't want a babe with Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez's behind but I want a girl who won't make my little friend shrink. I don't want a girl who’s gonna whinge and cry if I forget to call her but someone who will call me and ask "Hey babe! How have you been? Hope everything's good?" I don’t want a shawty with D’s but one whose chest don’t look like a wall. I don’t one who can’t eat when we go out for lunch because she’s watching her weight but someone who will engage me in a race on who can eat faster. Enough of what I want and what I don't want. Truth is: You don’t need to spoil your Natural looks to get ‘em implants and botox injections. Chance is you will get someone who likes you for you. (Sorry if that sounds corny)....Any ladies who looking for a boy...Hola...Lol



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