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Monday, August 3, 2009

More Questions That Need Answers

To all my followers who I have disappointed with my age long absence I am very SORRY!!! But here's the bright side I'm back....A lot of things have happened since my last entry. Boko Haram and the Religious Crisis in the North, The Death of Sir Bobby Robson, Emirates Cup, SMVA and other stuff. To my soccer pals a quickie: Who isn't feeling Jack Wilshere? Well, these are the things that have been on my mind recently. If you know the answers feel free to hola

Why do people wear shades at night, in the club and indoors?

Is it possible to listen to a song featuring D'Banj without hearing him say "I'm D'Banj"?

Why do people flash with private number?

Is it me or Wande Coal and Sean Kingston look alike?

Why do I see people wearing belts with suspenders?

Why do ladies who are clearly uncomfortable with it wear ridiculously heeled shoes?

Since D'Banj is neither a rapper nor singer, what is he?

Isn't it funny that people wear suits and leave the tags on?

How come every one of those 60 in one DVD's I have bought recently never has sound?

P.S I'm interested in writing a book, preferably a collection of short stories and need ideas. So please if you have any ideas, concepts or themes please e-mail me at:mayowadw@yahoo.co.uk

FYI: Since the last questions that needed answers I discovered that the Mo Gbona Felli Felli video was out(Saw it on Sound city) and I also heard on Radio that the Gongo Aso video will be out in a few weeks.


  1. a few answers
    -i think ppl wear shades indoors cos mayb they think it makes them look more fly,hiss.

    -dbanj saying i'm dbanj is his signature trademark,thats all i can say about that.

    -heeled shoes = no pain no gain...lol it makes us look taller and if the shoes are expensive then i don't think most women care about the pain,just the looking good that counts for them.

    -dbanj is neither a rapper or singer,he's an ENTERTAINER.....lol um i don't know what he is,i thought he was a *singer* but i guess he's a nigerian artist then who appears to do it all nowadays sha

  2. bout d dbanj being neither a singer nor a rapper, i agree wiv d fact dat hes an entertainer......and concernin ur bok, iv startd one lyk dat (but its just poems)...maybe we cud do project 2 geda....holla back


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