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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Hottest MC'S in the Game

MTV release theirs soon;Feel free to use the comment box to let me know your opinions, arguments and rants concerning the placements.

Bubbling Under

The Game: Very close to making this list but just couldn't cut it
Ludacris: Theater of the Mind was a very good album but his songs never seem to be big enough for him to make it on my hottest list.
Maino: “See me coming from nothing/ See me living my dreams” were his words on ‘All the above’ and if he keeps making the type of music he has been doing he could feature on the next cut.
Juelz Santana: No album yet although he has killed his verses on the Rockin that Thang remix and Pop Champagne.
Ace Hood: Khaled's protégé is making a name for himself in the game. I’m a big fan of ‘Champion’ and ‘Overtime’.
Kid Cudi: Day N Night was a monster and Make Her Say is what it is because of Mr. West and I guess he is another victim of the not having enough material to judge syndrome.
Wale: Killed ‘Chillin’ but he and Cudi seem to suffer from the same disease.
Asher Roth: My favorite White boy. Same as the rest.

No 10: Drake
The rookie of the year. People are going to be wondering what he is doing around this position but I must remind you he is new to the game and is yet to drop an album so you must admit he is very lucky to make it. He plans to release his official debut album, Thank Me Later, in late 2009, and has confirmed collaborations with the likes of Kanye West, Jay-Z, Danny! And Lil’ Wayne. Drake is currently touring with Wayne and other rap artists on the America's Most Wanted Tour Quickie: Drake is only the second artist in history to have his first two top ten hits in the same week.
Features On: Successful (W/ Trey Songz), Best I Ever Had, The One (Mary J Blige) and Every Girl (Young Money)
OMG Moment: Are y’all into gals like I am/ Lesbi honest.

No 9: Rick Ross
Not your conventional choice. Officer Ricky as his recent rival 50 Cent would like to call him has also enjoyed embarrassment from Louis Vuitton who called him out for wearing a fake version of the Millionaire shades. It does not diminish his status as someone who makes good music as his Deeper than Rap Album proved.
Features On: Maybach Music Part II (w/ Kanye West and Lil Wayne), Magnificent (w/ John Legend) Valley of Death (w/ Mary J Blige) and Champion (Ace Hood), Rockin that Thang Remix (The Dream w/ Ludacris, Fabolous, Juelz Santana)
OMG Moment: Got so many horses/ Bitches call me Polo

No 8: Fabolous
“It's Loso in case you didn’t know so”. Well his latest album Loso's Way debuted at number one on the Billboard 200, selling 99,000 copies in its first week. It became Fabolous' first album to top the chart. He has been long looked down upon and according to most people I know The Best Underrated Rapper so I guess it's time he gets his props.
Features On: Rockin That Thang Remix (The Dream w/ Fabolous, Ludacris, Rick Ross, Juelz Santana) My Time (w/Jeremih) Everything, Everyday, Everywhere (w/ Keri Hilson) Throw it in the Bag (w/ The Dream)
OMG Moment: She said ‘Cos you my baby I be stuntin like my Daddy

No 7: 50 Cent
The Recession affected Mr. Jackson as he lost his #1 spot on the Forbes Cash Kings but it doesn't seem to hit his music. His album Before I Self Destruct is scheduled for release in September. While he hasn't yet won me over to his fan club he is a main stay who cannot be ignored. Moreover, he and his G Unit Crew are the biggest mix tape acts presently.
Features On: Crack a Bottle (w/ Eminem and Dr. Dre) Get Up, Ok You’re Right
OMG Moment: N/A

No 6: Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em:
A lot of noise has been made of Soulja Boy Tell Em’s (That's his real name) seeming lack of lyrical prowess. I'm also sure a good number of people are going to swear at me for putting him on my list but I find it worthy to remind you that two of 2009's biggest hits have come from his voice box. I also find it honorable of mention that De Andre Way (his original name) also received a tour bus as a gift from Curtis Jackson to record is next album. We all know how hard it is to please Curly (as Rick Ross would say). If that isn’t hot I don't know what is. He has promised another album The Deandre Way to hit stores Late 2009.
Features On: Kiss Me through the Phone (w/ Sammie), Turn My Swag On, Birdwalk, Dong, Marco Polo( Bow Wow)
OMG! Moment: N/A

No 5: T.I
Prison or not? T.I is hot. Like his album Paper Trail recorded during his House arrest period proved. I was not a fan but one listen to Paper Trail won me over. Listening to the album has been one of the best things that happened to me this year. The no 5 spot is dedicated to the man who told us we can have Whatever we like and told us not to forget to remember him. Till he comes back live your life.
Features On: Swagger Like Us (w/ Kanye West, Jay Z, Lil Wayne), Remember Me (w/ Mary J Blige), Daydreaming (DJ Drama w/ T.I, Akon, Snoop Dogg)
OMG Moment: N/A

No 4: Lil Wayne
I'm also not a fan of the razzer Mr. Carter but the last year belonged to him. Rapping about A Milli and then selling A Milli while sweeping the Grammy’s. Though he is dabbling onto the rock scene his verses on songs like Every Girl and Conglomerate take him to No 4. Credit goes to him for putting Drake on. Not to forget Lauren London is carrying his baby.
Features On: Conglomerate ( Busta Rhymes w/ Lil Wayne & Jadakiss), Always Strapped (w/ Young Money), Every Girl( w/ Young Money) Down(Jay Sean w/ Lil Wayne)
OMG Moment: Yeah it’s Lil Wayne but the money’s enlarged

No 3: Eminem
Probably the rapper with the biggest fan base of which I don't belong to. While I would tell you about my beef with him on another day, his comeback has seen him embrace the Billboard charts. Plus the Mariah Carey and Nick Canon thing has served as comic relief.
Features On: Crack A Bottle (w/ 50 & Dr Dre), Beautiful, 3 AM, Old Times Sake(w/ Dr Dre), We Made You
OMG Moment: N/A

No 2: Kanye West
My favorite rapper. Knock You Down is what it is because of him. He killed Jay on Run This Town and he co- produced D.O.A. He also produces the bulk of the tracks on the much awaited Blueprint 3. Put together with the fact that He made the #3 spot on the Forbes Cash Kings beating heavy weights like Curtis Jackson and Eminem. While I'm at a loss over which of his bars I can use as the OMG moment from “I pimp my crib ‘cos I must X Zibit” or “Fire Marshals said I took it to the Max like TJ” or “I aint got patience but I needed a Nurse”, he takes the No 2 spot easily.
Features On: Knock You Down (w/ Keri Hilson & Ne -Yo), Walking On the Moon (The Dream) , Run This Town (w/ Jay Z & Rihanna) Kind of Like a Big Deal(w/ The Clipse), Flight School(w/ GLC & T Pain) Supernova( Mr. Hudson)
OMG Moment: Pick your choice

No 1: Jay Z
The greatest rapper ever. The fact that he is the biggest trend setter on the scene does the rest no favors. Blueprint 3 will probably be the Rap album of the Year. Not to forget D.O.A is my song of the year, He is #1 on the Forbes Hip Hop Cash Kings and he's got the hottest chick in the game wearing his chain. Mr. Carter takes my No 1 spot. Not to forget his verse on the My President remix.
Features On: D.O.A, Run this Town (w/ Kanye West & Rihanna), Swagger Like Us (w/ Kanye West, T.I, Lil Wayne)
OMG moment: You can pay for School but you can't buy Class


  1. im in love with ' i aint got patience but i needed a nurse'. loved it from the first moment i heard it

  2. negro.
    drake needs to be higher up.
    eminem lower down (infact off the list)
    soulja boy & fifty off this.
    why are juelz, Wale & AshRoth bubbling under.
    you need psychological evaluation my friend.

    I Base my comments on the fact that this post is titled hottest MC's "in the game".
    Sales & Lyrics inclusive.

    foolish chap

    (no offence though)


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