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Monday, July 20, 2009

Questions That Need Answers

They say it takes the worst to bring out the best in people. Whilst I was on my way to work I was unlucky to run into probably the most dreaded thing in our city: Traffic. On this day a trip that should take between thirty and forty- five minutes took about three hours. Whilst enjoying the heat from the hot sun I got thinking and this are the things that came to mind. If you know the answers to this questions Please do not hesitate to hola @ your boy.

Why is it that when male singers sing about the opposite sex it’s they praising them and when it’s the turn of the female singers they’re always sounding off about how the male species broke their hearts and how they’re going to Bust their windows and mess them up?

Why are there two stadiums within 100 meters distance of each other and one’s in good shape and the other is more of an eyesore?

Why is it that it’s when Michael Jackson died that we all realized the impact he had on us and how great he was but while he was alive he was arguably the most joked about topic in the world?

How come the biggest Nigerian hits never have videos? (Mo Gbona Felli Felli, Anoti, Gongo Aso, Olorun Ma Je, Bumper to Bumper, Fall In Love, You Bad, Fokasibe, Bobbe FC etc)

How come when you try to test your popularity by turning off your phone and seeing how many texts you receive when you turn it back on you always end up being disappointed?

By this why is it that when everyone (By this I mean Tochukwu Imoh, Fat Joe and Rick Ross) wear suits we say they look fresh even though their stomachs don’t indicate so?

Why do people ask “Are you serious?” even when it’s clearly obvious the person aint?


  1. Well I'll try to answer all of them. I love challenges and this is another...
    1) Well, the praises are usually body focused but thats not the point, men don't hold grudges like women. Finish.
    2)Nigeria, abi Lagos, ran out of space or they are trying to copy the Yankees stadiums.
    3)You never know what you have until you lose it. Applies for MJ too.
    4)So that they won't destroy the song! or they've spent so much energy recording all the songs...the videos will come much later.
    5)Chain reaction. If 1 person texts you and you don't reply they'll tell the other people they are talking to and no one will text you.
    6)I don't know about Tochuckwu but the others its because they managed to wear a suit and the suit still looked expensive.
    7) Exclamation! just to be sure...
    C'est Finite

  2. I second everything OY just said!!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I can answer a few,i think umm
    - i can only say for the michael jackson q that u dnt kno wat u hv till its gone

    - i've always wondered why gongo aso didnt have a video and it was such a hit,and i think its because it doesnt even need one to be a hit,it was just that good and catchy enough.
    i think bumper to bumper has a video and mo gbonofelifeli vid jus came out(but i wonder why after so many years,i personally think a video wasn't needed but it matches the kokomansion theme..)

    -who thinks rick ross looks fresh in a suit? lol he just looks airbrushed in the videos so he comes across thinner and 'fresher',same 4 sean kingston...lol.


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