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Monday, July 6, 2009

Just Another Post

Im a real Soccer fan(Trust me, they don't get bigger) and last week when I heard Man U were going to sign Michael Owen I thought Wow! Fergie's up to something. Im a Gunner and this are excerpts of a very funny dialogue with some friends on Facebook..Check it out

Jesse Princewill
michael owen and Wayne rooney...tobi i pity ur arsenal guys

Mayowa Idowu
You toilet guy...Dont u feel dumb....Signin second class players....When was the last time u saw Owen play well? Scratch ur head oooo.When he was in Liverpool and thatwas like Js 1 he is the only player more injury prone than Van Persie....Lol..Btw Rooney is not a threat.....We meet u guys third game of the season We would end youre title hopes before they begin....Remember Man U always play rubbish at the beginnin of the season...Especially without Ronaldo...Remember Last Season...

Tobi Adewuyi
asn..mayowa yan him!!!!lol..jesse u mUmu!!!we'll see nw..

Joshua Brume
shutup jo.........foolsh loosers

Jesse Princewill
mayowa shut up that your dirty mouth..first of all you tallking bout injury could you tell me why rosicky hasnt been playing ...yeah scratch your head...he was injured..and is planing on making a comeback i pray he does ....and the ronaldo case rooney and owen put together can score 40 goals...second of all 2nd class ..remind me againg what team was husteling for fillipe melo...oo yeah it was ARsenal you retard...lol

Obusom Okafor
mayowa tell em mayne....lol

OluwaMayowa Idowu
Jesse...Youre yarnin...When was the last time Hargreaves played..U CANT REMEMBER....Rooney and Bendtner scored the same amount of goals last season..So much for "world class" Wayne Rooney and oh u want to say Rooney is a support striker and he assists...Well Van Persie scored more goals than him and assisted more.Even "toilet" Denilson assisted.....Btw Felipe Melo plays for Fiorentina, a team dat plays in Europe just like u...And he's also somethin no one in youre team is..Confederations Cup winner..Which of youre players played in it? Scratch ur head...None..So much for a world class team..Felipe Melo is Brazillian and he can score..Something Anderson can't... No one in youre team is World class wHO IS THE SECOND CLASS TEAM? We are spotting players in Champions League teams and you are buyin players from Wigan and Championship teams...So much for being World class..Good Luuck oooo

Joshua Brume
after ur long stupid note.......well still beat u

Demeyin Agbeyegbe
j.b nice 1mayowa u gt time wen season starts we'll all clol

Jesse Princewill
lol..jb yarn dem oo....MAYOWA see kiki macheda stayd on the field for 40mins and scord 2 goals benthner stayd on the field the whole season and scored....do the maths,...when we meet youll see...antonio vallencia would score

Demeyin Agbeyegbe
d guy would giv almunia like 9

Ore Ibrahim
u guyz r still balzn fact is owen is a dumb signing................jus chukn mouth no vex

Tobi Adewuyi
guy..i promise..toure is goin 2 break owen's leg!!!!sum sik ivory coast ishh...bitch!!!!!

Jesse Princewill
lol...tobi why now ...why are you insulting owen ...owen is too fast for toure...lol...its like leye and seni...and i dont have to say which ones which

Tobi Adewuyi
hehe..y u lynchin babs nww..lol..wich leg duz owen wnt 2 use 2 run???toure'll tke one..gallas wud tke d othr 1..lol..almunia'll tke his head!!!he's done!!

Feel free to drop your opinions and comments


  1. lol!! This is really hilarious. At the end of the debate I think Arsenal made more points with much more supporters. But its not over till its over because the season hasn't started yet. All is fair in love and war and with Mayowa's love for his club and his war with Jesse, I think its a fair fight. Arsenal might just be able to take the heat. I am looking forward to seeing them and also Manchester United(without Ronaldo) next season.

  2. I totally agree with Cindy although I love Manchester (sorry Mayowa but its true). I never argue Manchester Arsenal (although I can) but there are just too many Arsenal supporters. In my new school you always know when Manchester lost a match by the loud roar from the common area and you always know when Arsenal lost a match from the dead silence. So I stick to watching and smiling when we win :D


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